We did get a little rain on top of our snow this morning.  It has been light and we are supposed to get cold and snow on top of it this afternoon and evening.  X Country trails should be fine and dandy.  They will be grooming and when the cold comes in the conditons should be great.  I am sure Island Hop out at Winter Park might not be open but the rest of the trails should be in good shape

Snowmobiliers.  The Bearskin trail I looked down in Hazelhurst this morning and it looked good the trail was white.  The road trails though did get deteriorated from the rain and sleet.  Anything not on the roads should be fine.  The lakes are not marked.  Our lake has 5 inches on it and I have seen sleds go across it fast, but I would not take the chance.  Tom and Mary Ellen have not marked it due to the slushy areas.  Lake Minocqua is also not marked, but tons of sleds have been across it.  Not smart.  The new snow this afternoon and evening and cold temps should get the road trails in better shape.  The lakes I think will have to wait another week or so, maybe by New Years

Snowman makers, this is awesome condiitons for a a snowballl fight or making snowmen.  There is a good foot of packy snow on the ground just waiting to be packed and thrown