It took me 20 minutes to chisel my car out of the ice, sleet, rain and snow that was encrusted on the windshield.  Even after all that I did not have it all off the hood and side windows.  I chanced it up to Moto Mart for coffee this morning.  Steve was still closed for the holidays at Lifespring


What has bare highway yesterday has the same base on it that my windshield had this morning on hwy 51.  I stopped into to talk with John the Groomer guy who grooms the Bearskin Trail.  John said they are starting to groom the trail today.  Last nights mixture has given them a good base now for the trail that they can work with.  Before it has just fluffy snow that poofed around on the trail.  He has happy about what he saw out the window this morning and says the trails should be in good shape for snowmobiling.  If they are in good shape for snowmobiling then the ski trails should also be in good shape.  Only down spot is the lakes, until they are marked you need to stay off them.


Driving down snow encrusted Lower Kaubashine as seen through my snow encrusted windshield.  Right now I would say we have about a foot in the woods of snow


Picture of the Bearsking trail taken this morning at 9am Saturday.  Looks good.  I did see a little snirt a, little farther down the trail.  I have openings up to December 31st and starting on the 2nd if you want to come up and play in the snow