Everyone has their own idea of how to play in the snow


Some really get into the snow


Others just enjoy the cold and letter wood warm them twice.  You cut your own wood you get warm twice is the old saying


Some go at it the old fashioned way and really get warmth out of the wood


Others are happy to bundle up and keep the splitter going.  Don’t let the machine make you think this is easy.  Mark and Ted will attest to the fact that they have very sore muscles after 3 days of wood chopping.  They took sometime this morning to head off on a short snowmobile trip around the lake and into Minocqua.  Back to dealing with the airlines and lines again tomorrow.  Lets hope they have a quicker and more uneventful trip on the way home


Power of the splitter, the smell of the wood, the satisfaction of seeing a pile of wood head into the shed in rows and piles ready for next summer.  Thanks again to Mark and Ted and we will see you in July when the Muskie are biting along with the mosquitoes