Seeing the weather reports the last few days for next weekend was not encouraging, but it looks like it might be ok.  Rain may stay away and we can keep more of our snow and maybe pick up some, depending on temps.  I copied below from my favorite weather site for the midwest.  Check out John’s site for more detais


No major changes in the short term, but the outlook for next week looks “less warm” and perhaps not as rainy for at least the Northwoods.


Things will remain quiet across the Midwest for the rest of this week and into the weekend. There would be a bit of very light snow, freezing drizzle or drizzle that occurs across far northern MN and the UP today, tonight and tomorrow, but any snows would be less than an inch.

Temps will remain warmer than average across the region and just about all of the region looks to see temps above freezing occur for the rest of this week and weekend. Highs look to run in the 30’s in most cases, with some low 40’s in the far south.


The outlook for next week has changed a bit. I can also add that the models are in worse agreement on the details for next week than they were yesterday, but the general consensus is that things do not look as warm and the chances for rains do not look as great, especially the further north you go.

I am not yet ready to say that temps in the Northwoods next week will be remaining below freezing as one of the models is saying, but it looks like there could certainly be days next week when the Northwoods sees temps run below freezing. There are still come rain chances seen as we head through the middle to end of next week, but the best chances for the rains will occur the further south you go. It is looking like the Northwoods may end up being cold enough for the precip to fall as snow or as one of the models is indicating, the precip would stay south of I-80.

So I guess the bottom line for next week is it looks less threatening for snow loss in the northern Midwest. I am not yet ready to give the “all clear” yet, but things look more encouraging than they did the past several days.


You know the trails are still ok when snowmobiles are parked out in front of the local schools.  The local kids are enjoying the trails


The local elementary k – 8 snowmobile parking lot.  Who needs to ride a yellow school bus when at the age of 12 you can take a yellow snowmobile to school


The highschool snowmobile parking.  Mix new drivers in their first winter with these sleds crossing a common driveway and you understand the gauntlet I run each day driving into the Highschool


Icefishermen on Lake Minocqua.  The snowmobile trail is running just past the ice shack.  It is like fishing on mainstreet.   With temps in the 20’s and 30’s the icefishermen are coming out in droves.  I do know of a icefisherman that guides icefishing if anyone has a bug to come up and fish.  I know many who love icefishing more than regular fishing and I also know a few that claim if God wanted me to fish in the winter he would not have put a lid on the lake