Headed out of the house to wander on to the lake for a good scratch and too see what was going on at the ice shack


The shack looking quiet


Along the way to walking to the shack I saw evidence of where it had been or Aliens were probing the lake again


It is always fun to walk across the lake and see lines like this in the snow.  Gives great confidence in the stability of the lake and plate techtonics


Unzipped the shack to find an unlikely fishermen who was having fun not picking up garbage or splitting wood



I got them to show the “big” catch.  This has to be the smallest batch of fish ever taken out of Lower Kaubashine.  They were fishing in the bluegill nursury.


Poe checking out the action at the bigger tip ups along side the bluegill nursury.  Maybe some of those bluegills could  be used as minnows


After leaving the Fishermen to their big catches, Poe and I ran into Tom from Hilltop and his dogs out for their daily walk on the lake.  It is much safer in the winter to walk the snowmobile trail on the lake than walk windy, icy, snow-covered Lower Kaubashine


Jenny (the dog) and Poe checking each other out.  Usually when they run into one another Poe is riding on the gator with his head hanging out at about 30 miles an hour and Jenny is running after him ready to take his head off for tresspassing on her resort