One of our favorite guests of the year arrived, Tom the Treeman.  Tom brings me a box of trees each time he comes to put on the fireplace mantels at the resort.  Tom has no idea how many people have enjoyed his trees over the years.  Thanks Tom from all your tree fans at the Cliff.  This tree he is holding is definitely a Tom orginal with an intersting lean to it.


In other news, the continuing war with the squirrels has entered a new level with Grandpa Gibson at the resort.  Troy and his dad tried an experiment to lure the squirrels into the squirrel flipper feeder.  They dangled corn on a string from the feeder.  This squirrel gave it a try


If you look at the string it is twisted up because the squirrel activated the flipper.  He got away with a few kernels but had to give up when the string got twisted or he would go flying.  We gave this idea a grade of a B.  Troy and his dad were shooting for an A with a squirrel gripping onto corn and flying around in a circle


More modifications involving removing the string and adding in wire


Reports on this newest edition to come…. along with the ice fishing reports with White Crappies