Headed out on the lake to see how Grandpa Gibson was doing at the shack.  Through cellphones I had heard they had seen alot on the camera but nothing was biting.  One of the highlights was 20 huge carp swimming by


They ran into a huge school of perch that were not hungry for the minnow on the hook.  You can see the stripes on the perch in this pic.


Here you can sort of see the school.  Troy had my old camera that was not cooperating with the Fish TV


While Grandpa and Troy huddled in the ice shack with finicky perch, we headed over to the previous spot to find the snowman they had built earlier.  For those that know the lake, we are headed over to the entrance to Muskie Bay


One of the most original snowman faces I have ever seen.  I love the eyes.  I guess when the fish are being finicky this is what happens


Poe taking a break after running across the lake.


Hey it looks like a hole that chipmunks might use…..


Come out of there you furry rodents


don’t make me come in there after you.  I will




Time to head back and see what is happening at the shack now that Poe has scared every fish within 200 feet away


We returned to the shack just in time to see Troy and Grandpa Gibson get into a school of Crappies 25 feet down.  When the fish are that deep in the winter they come up white.  A few hours later they get their spots back and look normal.  It is funny to see them in this white condition


This blog entry has been brought to you by Ben and Grandpa Gibson.  Coming tomorrow (or later today) the new secret ice fishing bait, Wigglers.  They are guaranteed to catch the most finicky perch anywhere.  Also the snow is coming down hard for now, Sunday morning, we are hoping that it stays all snow and there will be a bunch of snow in the pines pics.