We had a visitor at lunch come into our feeders, a Pillated Woodpecker.  The biggest woodpecker that lives in our area.  They are usually very spooky and do not stay around people.  A few years ago I caught 2 of them on our Suet Feeder.  Troy has seen 3 of them at one time.  They are neat to see fly around as long as they are not pecking on your house


Trying to figure out how to get to the suet and if the branch would hold the big bird


When in doubt retreat and try from a different vantage point


Got it!



For those that need a snow report, the snow on the roof is all fresh from last night.  John the Groomer guy reports “Trails are Pretty Decent, I would ride them”  When John says he would take his baby out on the trails you know they are in good shape.  He said the snow seen above just added to things.  Trails will still be a little icy in spots but generally “Pretty Decent”