Had a group of guys up fishing this weekend who listened to my advice on their 2nd day and headed over to where Grandpa Gibson was fishing.  They did not start until 11 am and slow and steady all afternoon had the crappies coming through.  The top 2 crappies were about 13 or so inches give or take maybe an inch more.  They would catch 3 or 4 and then it was quiet for 40 minutes.  All of them were caught on Wigglers (Mayfly Larva) that they picked up in town.  Under the stack is one of the finicky perch that eluded Grandpa Gibson earlier in the week.  They only caught one perch the rest were crappie.  Had the walleye tip ups out as well but only found the crappie


The day before they headed to Big Arb and caught these perch.  They said the fishing was much better on Lower Kaubashine