Who needs a Ground Hog when Black’s Cliff has pigs, pigs and more pigs to make a prediction.  Oreo, Dumbledore and Boo were more than happy to hare their opinion on the length of winter this morning


Oreo was a little unsure and seemed to take a middle of the road approach, willing to stick her nose out to see what winter had left to offer


Junior the youngest and more inexperienced was willing to hang out and be the daredevil asking for 6 more weeks


Hoover our recluse has not been out of her igloo since a ninety degree day last summer was giving her entire opinion of winter and cameras.  Boo and Dumbledore were already munching on hay this morning and had no opinion.

What will winter bring…..  3 different opinions from the experts.  In the meantime Poe is happy infront of the fire with his pig’s ear and the Guinea Pigs are giving him dirty looks

Black’s Cliff endorses Guinea Pigs as the best pocket pet for kids that there is.