I would love to take credit for this picture but the kudos go to Bryon.  He was in the right place at the right time and knows how to work his camera.  There was a light mist, clear skis, The Beacons on Lake Minocqua lite up, and 3 snowmobiles heading across the lake at 85 miles an hour.  Awesome pic!!  Kudos Bryon

For those that need something to get them through the end of winter check out the link above to a live cam in a bear den with new cubs.  It is pretty cool.  The cubs were just born last week

I would like to preform a test on my email.  I would like folks to send an email to both and   I think I have things straightened out but if I get a bunch of emails to both addresses it will give me peace of mind.

A Divisional Swim meet for 2 days Sat and Sun and before that Basketball games Thur and Fri in Wausau have bitten into time with the camera outside.  New pics I promise by Monday when hopefully we have fresh snow.  Good news the trips to Wausau aloud us to pic up the telephoto lens from Best Buy.  Now to figure it out..