Warm Sunday afternoon was a perfect time to  head down the Madeline Trail.  It is 10 minutes from the resort.  We usually ski at Winter Park, but sometimes taking a break and heading down a state trail is fun.  Madeline Trail is out on County J.  Follow County J over hwy 47, passed the new Catholic Church to the next road called Rudolph Rd.  The trail is a mile down Rudolph.  Why we choose this one is the hills are not real bad, it is a gradual trail.  Great for walking, biking or skiing


Sometimes the state trails are not as well groomed as Winter Park.  Today there were no complaints the trail was in perfect shape!


We ran into the groomer part way down


Down the trail we went no phones, Nintendo DS’s or text messages just snow and skis


Who did the first crash on the only big hill on the trail…….


This is my favorite pic of a reluctant skier who has checked out…. until I mentioned Culver’s icecream at the end of the trail


4.5 miles and where is Culver’s