Warning to those we liked the shag carpeting in Bear Den (Nathan and Jamie) the following pictures may be disturbing.  As winter winds down the guys start finding fix it projects to work on.  First thing this year was to pull the old carpet out of Bear Den’s bedrooms and talk about paint on the white walls.  At some point we would like to add to insulation in the walls and put cedar siding up but for now new carpeting and some paint on the walls are on order in the bedrooms


Checking out the new carpet with the proposed paint..  We shall see how they go together.  I know it will make vacuuming Bear Den easier.  The amount of sand found under the old 1970’s carpet could have filled a sandbox for the kids


Room looking very bare.  We shall see how this endeavor turns out with Craig in the South and Troy and Steve let loose.  Craig has his eyes on the flooring in the kitchen, livingroom and dinningroom when he gets back in Spring baring any other major calamaties