Ruby has to be one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  She has personality coming out of her ears.  Her owners Ben and Deb think that her ears might be the trick to pick up the wireless internet into Muskie Inn.  Their friend Mike is convinced that when Ruby sits in his lap and is closer to the computer he is able to pick up the wireless signal better at Muskie’s kitchen table


Ruby doing her favorite activity, chasing the frisbee (better known as the F word in Muskie).  If you mention the F word in a sentence and she hears it with her bat ears you had better be prepared to go outside for 10 minutes with the purple disk (which is what I called it instead of the F word)


Loving the life of a dog.  I wish life was this simple and joyful for everyone


Ruby’s owner, Ben, getting some much needed therapy on ice.  Nothing is better for Ben’s soul than a few hours spent like this on Lower Kauabashine.


Sun trying to break through the clouds on the last day of February.  Tomorrow tune back in for Cliff’s return to the ice for Ice Out 2010