Cliff made his trip out of the basement for Ice Out 2010


Cliff heading back to the lake for Ice Out 2010



Cliff sporting some fancy shades for the 2010 contest.  The sun was bright today and they were needed


New for 2010 Cliff is going for comfort and has demanded a more comfortable chair this year


Rules this year are the same as in previous years.  Email your guesses to (do not use my old email address or I may not get your entry)  Pick the date Cliff will sink into the Lower Kaubashine.  Last year it was April 14th.  Send 5 dollars per guess to Jenny Gibson PO Box 125 Hazelhurst 54531.  Half of the money will once again be donated to The Northwoods Wildlife Hospital and the rest put in a pot for the winner or winners who pick the correct day he sinks in the lake.  Make sure to include your contact info with your entry.  If Cliff sinks after sunset it will be credited to the following day.  Jenny and Troy are not standing out on the raft with a flashlight til midnight.  You have til March 15th to get your guesses in