Why no posts the last few days?  We had a bit of a scare with Poe that is not completely solved but atleast I can type without crying or a lump in my throat.  Poe turned up his food starting last Saturday night and Sunday showed signs of distress and not feeling well.  Moaning and groaning and lethargic. We have the best vet in the world Doctor Joe who met me on Sunday at the office.  Long story short Poe went through a battery of tests has past his liver and pancreas screening and had an abdominal x ray today.  He has a bit of an enlarged spleen which is still worrisome til the next test comes back later today or tomorrow.  He also showed a very impacted intestine.  Doc has had him on pain meds since Sunday, he hydrated him today with an IV and let him outside for the biggest pile ever seen in Doctor Joe’s yard.  I now have a dog high on pain meds not feeling one arthritic joint and who has taken the largest poo possible.  He is living life large

He is not out of the woods yet til the spleen test comes back, but he is feeling awhole lot better as you can see.  Why did his large intestine shut down?  No idea dehydration or something he ate?  I will up date the last test when I hope to get good news