I stopped out to the Cikowski Fishing Jamboree


I had to deliver a pizza on ice.  Apparently Jimmy’s dad ate his Hilltop pizza last fall and Jimmy was distraught with months ahead with no pizza from Hilltop.  Al feeling guilty of is pilfering of Jimmy’s pizza had this special pizza delivered by Mary Ellen and I brought it out on the ice for Jimmy


Fishing was already picking up.  This was the 2nd Northern of the morning.  They released the smaller one.


No wigglers anymore these were caught on minnows.  Not a bad catch for a beginning of an ice fishing trip


Fritz enjoying the sunshine and lake.  It was a perfect warm morning for icefishing on Lower Kaubashine


The secret for catching fish


They had a first time ice fisherman along.  Great day to be skipping a few days of school to spend time with dad and his uncles.  Tip up flag up and ready to be checked


Pulling up the big catch


Better luck next time.  Perfect time to learn how to ice fish

To all Poe fans out there.  He has completely recovered and is on a strict dog food only diet