Any problems for the next week see Nancy and Jim.  They are watching the resort while we sneak away for a trip.  Poe is happy to hang with Opal and Hazel.  I will be answering the phone from the road and emails.  Nancy and Jim will be welcoming folks to the Cliff and keeping things going while we re away.  Thanks to them for letting us get away.  Where are we off to.. stay tuned a few pics will make the blog and Nancy and Jim have promised to send me pics by email to post while we are away of Cliff


In the past we have taken Cliff on Spring Break with us.  However our destination is not a friendly place for Cliff.  It is possible he would land us in jail so he is staying at his post on the lake


Edges of the lake showing some signs of melting.  I heard from the Cikowski crew who were ice fishing that there is still 18 inches of ice on the lake.  Lake Minocqua had trucks on it yesterday for a golf tournament on ice quite a sight to see but I forgot my camera.

So stay tuned to see where we end up and reports from Nancy and Jim