Home at last and the snow was gone.  The first thing that happened is the bikes were dug out of Eagles Nest for the inaugural bike rally of The Black and Gibson Boys.  They flew around the resort at mock 10.  No cars or people to run into and they took complete advantage of it.  The twins at the end both took off their training wheels and this was their first run around the resort on 2 wheels


All the adults got busy with yard work.  Steve was happily displaying his accomplishment of getting the carpet cleaners fixed.  I grabbed the doggy poop bucket and did the first round of winter poop clean up, that was a chore.  Steve and Troy grabbed the rakes and spring raking commenced at a wonderful 60 degrees


Cliff out at his post definitly took a beating.  You could almost watch the melting happening.  Grandpa Gibson wants to come up for one more icefishing adventure.  He had better hurry or he will be sinking like Cliff into the ice


Edges of the lake definitely showing signs of melting by late afternoon


Close up of Cliff starting to lean back.  We have not tied a rope on him yet and none of us was in a hurry to do so


boat docks showing sloshing water.  How much damage will the ice do to the docks this year?


It won’t be long before it is time to flip this boat in the water


In honor of the nice spring day we had the first brat cook out complete with Troy’s specialty of potatoes, carrots and onions steamed in tin foil.  Sure tasted good a nice taste of summer

For those that do not know our major purpose in going to Washington DC, here is a link to the story about the FDA panel we testified in front of for Troy’s Deep Brain Stimulator he had installed 4 years ago as part of a study for epilepsy.  It was quite a thing to be a part of and we were happy to help get this past the FDA.  it will help many with uncontrolled seizures