Cliff took a beating on the ice yesterday.

Here are the 2010 entires

April 2nd Linda Wrobel

April 4th Christine Barden

April 5th John Wrobel, Dan Biwan

Aprill 6th Tommy Cikowski

April 8th Mike Grady, Fritz

April 10th Ruth Grady, Bob Moore and Jimmy Cikowski

April 11 Terry Legrand, Cody (Cikowski)

April 12th Barb Moore

April 13th Chuck Schleyer

April 14th Will Flower, Luz Rose, Miller Family

April 15th Linda Hoadly, Love Family, Chris Barden, Rob Moore and Dan Biwan

April 16th Abigail Hebert, Al Cikowski

Aril 17th Lauren Rose,

April 18th Kip (Cikowski)

April 19th Kim Flower, Mike Rose and Mark Tempel

April 20th Roberta Cikowski

Who will win??


One more day of warm temps and then the cold blast comes in this weekend.