Ice going out on the edges, lake turning gray… who would possibly want to go out on the lake?  Answer, a certain breed of ice fishermen that love icefishing so much that they take their life in their hands, put on a life vest, spikes on their feet to negotiate the ice and find the one spot on the lake that they can get on.  On Lower Kaubashine the spot to get on is where the snowmobile trail enters the lake.  The snow was compacted there and the ice is thicker at the edges


Open water and who could that be out on the ice?


Hmm I think I recognize those brown Carharts…


Grandpa Gibson’s idea of a perfect Spring Break sitting on the ice and fishing.  He says there are 16 inches of ice in the middle yet.  The 16 inches in the middle are not what worry me it is the 1 inch next to the shoreline that is scary.  This afternoon’s fishing adventure was limited by how far they could get out on the ice.  The top of the ice was very slippery and Grandpa forgot his grippers that go on the bottom of his shoes to negotiate the slippery surface.  He is headed off to Walmart today for a pair of crampons.  The only thing biting in this spot where minnows.  Today he has plans of making it over to his favorite crappie hole in between watching the Highschool Basket Ball and NCAA games.  Right now Troy and Grant are in the lead in our NCAA picks