Snowmobile entrance to the lake.  Snow compacted down the ice and it is the only spot to get on the lake.  Why go out on Lower Kaubashine….  To deliver a snack to ice fishermen


Safe Ice?  They told me it was safe….. and then asked for Sprite and Pretzels for a snack, could I bring them out


Shore line just to the right of the snowmobile trail… open water….


Strap on my favorite skates that can quickly get me across the ice before it decides to break through.  These skates are like having rockets on your feet if the ice is smooth.  Don’t ask the price of them unless you love skating as much as I do then they are worth it


Destination in the distance… Phone call made to Troy, is it really safe?


Skating along and running into scary black ice spots.  Pull out the cell phone and call friend at work and stay on the phone with her while I skate across the lake unless she needs to call the rescue squad


Half way across and safe so far.  Cell phone in hand, camera around my neck, skates flying, pretzels and Sprite in my pocket


The crazy hungry Icefishermen


Food delivered


The catch we are risking life and limb for.


I made it, and I am following my tracks back exactly.


No ice skates for Troy and Marv to negotiate the ice, instead they use crampons on the ice


This big perch is the reason they are on early spring ice and the reason I skated very carefully back to shore with my girlfriend on the cellphone with me the whole way