Poe would like to report that one of the favorite spring passtimes happened to day and he kept an eye on things.  It was time to roll the first boat in the water and do a little ice smashing.  Poe made sure the antics were kept away from Cliff at his post on the lake


Cliff left alone at his post.  We were wondering if today was the day he would sink but he held on


Following in 4 generations of Black Family ice smashing.  What is spring without some ice smashing


Never heard stories of the Titanic, full steam ahead smash the ice


Using wave action to get the ice moving.  Trick here is to stay in the boat and not drowned your nephew or your sister may have some words to say


Heading farther into uncharted ice waters.


Poe would like to lodge a formal complaint that he was left out of the fun and on the shoreline