Our 2010 winner is our first 2 time winner, Linda Wrobel.  If my memory serves me right, Linda won the first Ice Out contest.  She is pictured here a few years ago bribing Cliff with Chocolate Cake.  Congrats to Linda, she picked the earliest date of April 2nd the pot of 75 dollars goes to Linda and 75 dollars goes to The Northwoods Wildlife Hospital.  Linda and her husband John will have to head over to see Hortense with me and drop off the center’s winnings.  Hortense loves to grab the envelope with her beak


Cliff taking the cold plunge this afternoon March 26th


Troy pulling Cliff out water logged.  At least all his parts came out together this year


Time to catch some rays and dry out til Ice Out 2011.  Hey Linda Hoadley, how about some goose pimple sunbathing with me.  Cliff has a thing for ladies named Linda from Wisconsin to Georgia