Spring is starting to show signs of popping out.  A few trees are starting to show signs of budding out.  We need rain!  We had no snow fall in March and a trace of rain since March 1st.  I am hopping for rain tonight.  We spent a few days with family and friends away from the resort last weekend our last horah before the busy spring season.


I have been amazed at the number of folks calling to go fishing in April.  For those that do not know, April is fish spawning season and the season is closed for fishing til the first weekend in May.  When the lake and river temps hit the right degree, the fish come into the shoreline to lay their eggs.  I love this time of year for the chance to see the big Muskie’s and Northerns laying in the shoreline.  So far no spawning I have seen.


Pretty quiet on the lake.  I missed the first pic of the loon on the lake this morning.  Also missed an Eagle in the tree fishing.  Got to bring the camera along more often.