I picked up these 2 old wicker couches a month ago.  They will not be staying the colors you see.  I have usually cleaned wicker with a bucket of water and a scrub brush but getting all the dust and dirt out of all the crannies and crevasses can be a nightmare.  I had a tip given to me by the lady who will be reupholstering these couches when I am done painting them.  Use a air compressor to blow the dirt out.  Why didn’t I think of that! after all these years of scrubbing and rubbing paint off


Tool needed


I smelled a familar odor as I was blowing the dust and dirt off the back of the couches.  Ode to Horse.  I realized as I was up close and personal with the old backing that it was stuffed with horse hair.  Spend time working at a stable and you never forget that smell.  I think we will find something else to stuff the new cushions with


What will they look like and where will they go… stay tuned… I will say the flower pattern is definitely out.