When folks are visiting the area and not here year round, and I tell them we are in a severe drought that is going on years they do not completely understand just how much rain we are short.  I copied these stats out of the Lakeland Times showing how much precip we have been over or under since 2000

2000 +.46

2001 +1.97

2002 +5.9

2003 -4.84

2004 -0.07

2005 -1.31

2006 -5.22

2007 -3.13

2008 -6.78

2009 -14.56

We are down at total of 35.91 inches from normal since 2003

Average precip in our area is 32.1 inches in a year.  Now you can see why we are in such a drought and doing a rain dance.  So far in 2010 we are down precip again.  We have seen some this week maybe an inch which we have enjoyed and it is greening up the area but we sure need more!  I should have taken a pic of the island you see along hwy 51 at the Lake Katherine bridge showing sand around the edges more and more which you never used to see