Poe and I jumped in the car and headed down to where the road meets the water for sunset on the lake with the ducks and fish.  We caught some amazing pics.  Sit back and enjoy a sunset on Lower Kaubashine



This is my favorite picture.  Was in the right place at the right time with wonderful lighting.  Could not take a bad pic if you tried


As we walked along the road by the lake the fish were moving.  I did not get a good look at what was in the shoreline making these ripples but there were a lot of them and they moved up the shoreline as we went making ripples.  My guess is some fish was spawning along the shoreline



Troy identified these ducks as Hooded Mergansers.  They were on the lake quite a bit last summer.  I still have yet to catch the loon on the lake


Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Poe and I got out of cleaning up dinner to head down to take the pics.  Might have to do that more often