Spring projects are underway.  Spray painting the blue docks has been high on the priority list.  Usually painting them does not occur to us until the day we are putting them in and we always say we will get to it next year, no time right now.  Well the time is now to get it done.  They are looking much better painted


Tools of the trade.  How much spray paint can you get on the dock vs. how much you get on your self and everywhere else is the question.  Poe made sure to stay down wind of the flying paint


The office of Black’s Cliff moved to Bear Den’s beach for the afternoon.  Painting and answering phone calls was the job of the day


Not a bad view from the office today


Is it just me or does this log look like an alligator


While painting was going on below, the steps at Red Pine were getting some much needed attention.  Slowly but surely we are making it through the list of projects before Craig returns from the south with a new list