Cliff came out of the closet to head over to the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital to present them with their portion of the Ice Out 2010 winnings.  Every year Cliff presents it to his buddy Hortense


Hortense is a 30 year old one winged turkey vulture.  She has a reputation of breaking in new interns at the Center and giving them a healthy respect for bald turkey vultures


Hortense always happy to accept money on behalf of the center.  This year the Center received 75 dollars.  They already have 6 bear cubs at the center this spring.  They are the only center in Wisconsin that raises bear cubs at the expense of 2500 a bear to be released back into the wild.  Last year they raised and released 18.  With the loss of the one other center in the state that accepted bear cubs they are expecting to be hitting capacity this summer.  What is capacity?  They are not sure it depends one what they can support.  They are looking for donations right now of veggies and apples.


Some of the smaller residents at the moment.  It is baby season at the center and all hands are busy feeding



In other animal news….  Eviction notices have been set for the chipmunks that are trying to call our basement their summer home.  Troy is live trapping them and relocating them to a happy home 5 miles away


This little bugger when released went out of the cage backwards and up into our truck causing me to jump out of the truck faster then my body has moved in weeks.  It flirted around on our dash board a few times, took a quick pee and dashed out of the truck leaving us with our hearts racing along the side of the road.  I had visions of the squirrel in the Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation in the Christmas Tree as it was dashing across my lap and the dash board before exciting the truck