Time to put the pontoon boat in and time to pass the torch to a new driver.  Craig imparting the wisdom of the ages to Steve on getting the pontoon boat around the corners at Hilltop and most important put the canopy down before heading down the road.  Last year mice decided to make a nest in the motor choking the motor out 300 feet from shore causing an embarrassing paddle in.  Can Steve do better?


Olja and Poe enjoying the ride to Hilltop in the sun.  Notice the paddle brought along just in case


Olja looking to Steve to stop in and see Tom and Mary Ellen at the bar for a quick cold one after dropping the pontoon boat in


Made it through the corners at Hilltop and and a quick back up and off we go.  This year they warmed them motor up a few minutes before doing the off load off the trailer, good choice


Loons stopping in to check out what was going on at the landing


Ohh the life of a resort dog enjoying the ride back to the resort with the wind in his ears and sun on his back


Back at the ranch, Craig was just finishing the roof at Birchwood.  He is guaranteeing Gloria will be dry this summer.  I had to stop in to the Hardware store for paint for the trim of the cabin.  Birchwood has had cream trim since Maynard’s day and maybe before that.  As I was ordering the paint the paint computer told the mixer lady that this color was not recommended for outdoor use, to which I told the computer “It has been cream since 1918 and if 92 years of experience does not say it is ok I am not sure what will.  Translation:  Computer can stick it”


In other news as we were listening to Jay Leno last night we awoke to a clatter of little feet making a stir…  What could it be…. was a big bear tip toeing around on our deck to get sunflower seeds?  Nope a masked bandit going for my compost container (ICK there has to be better things to eat in the wild than stinky compost)  One thing I have not figured out with my camera is how to turn off the automatic flash:(  The pic is not great and I would have had better ones but flashing through the window did not work well.  I tried opening the door to take a pic but our friend moved off too quickly for my camera