I had not been in the Sauna in awhile and we opened the door to the sauna to a sad sight.  A mamma flying squirrel had gotten stuck in the Sauna with her baby and died.  The baby was still alive and we managed to get it in a box to head it up to The Northwoods Wildlife Center.  Normally we do not pick up wild babies as the mom’s usually come back for them.  Knowing the mom was dead, we knew it was ok to take the baby away.

Too many folks disturb babies especially fawns with the good intention of helping it but the mom deer comes back most of the time.  Wildlife Center asks folks to sit back and observe from a distance most of the time the mom is not far away.


Much happier squirrel in the hands of the Center.  It should do well and be released.


Just when we thought we had all the squirrels we opened the sauna door again this afternoon and what should we find but a couple of brother’s and sisters to yesterday’s squirrel.  They also took a trip up to the Center.  This last weekend they had 43 patients admitted.