Anyone that has read this blog knows we have no love for red squirrels.  They are loud, chattery and destructive.  This one, however, has become my friend at the laundry line.  While I am hanging clothes each day I get within about 5 feet of this squirrel.  She has no fear.  If I wanted I think she would eat out of my hand but I think I will keep 5 feet between us


I am pretty certain she is feeding a family, thus the reason I will not let Troy live trap her and move her to a new area away from our bird feeder.  Her only down fall is she has habit of getting in squirrel fights at 5:30 am outside our bedroom window.  We did catch her in the live trap but released her.  A few of her male suitors however have been relocated to an undisclosed location 5 miles away.  She can stay but we need to reduce the fellas she is fighting with



All I caught was tail in this pic





She had better be careful to reduce the noise or the family may need a new home