A few days of Norway being open and it got 1/2 of its new roof on.  The rest will have to wait til fall.  Craig happily admiring his work.  While up on the roof he found an interesting message left from one of 3 characters under a few layers of old roofing… Bunger, Paul or Kevin…  Our bets are that it was Kevin


Birchwood getting a new coat of paint.  Somewhere I have a picture of Maynard 40 years ago doing this same job


Troy trying to figure out the easiest way to put a new roof on the pagoda at the top of the steps… quite a challenge

In other news I emptied our rain gage since Saturday and we have received about 7 inches of much needed rain.  Everything for once looks a little water logged and the boats are definitely in need of bailing so it is good the kids are in their last day of school today.  Over the weekend we are expecting more rain.  Our lake being spring fed is down a bit but nothing compared to 4 – 5 feet I hear many lakes are down.  A friend of mine is not even putting in their boat on Lake Seventeen due to not being able to dock it at their dock and fears of the rocks and other things that are sticking up in their lake.  The flowages are way down.  So this rain hopefully will help to right the lake levels again