That fresh country air can be detected through the resort right now.  A great week of fishing by everyone in the resort has one result….. a dumpster full of fish.  Troy has put bleach, vinegar, baking soda and now the last resort, tarping the dumpster trapping the Ode to Fish smell in the dumpster.  This is 95 percent successful until it gets picked up on Wednesday.  Thankfully the largest concentration of fishermen is last week and we do not have to resort to these measures the rest of the summer as long as everyone double or triple bags their fish after cleaning


Calm morning at the beach


This picture is for the ladies at the beach and they know who they are who will be filling these chairs and table.  All coming to the resort remember the golden rule, the blue dock is for sun bathing, no dripping wet or kids jumping off this dock.


BP stay away! we like our clean clear water the way it is