We found some time to head up to Black River Harbor on Lake Superior.  The Harbor is about an hour and 15 min or so from the resort.  Head up to Ironwood take a quick stop at the coolest cheapest antique store in the Northwoods at Dan’s Antiques, grab a quick lunch at Subway to take up to the Harbor.  Turn right on Hwy 2 to Powderhorn Mountain Road by the “Big Skier”  Harbor is at the end of the road


Sticking your toes in cool Lake Michigan is a test of endurance.  The lake does not really warm up til mid July.  Black River Harbor does have a few rocks but the waves are usually good.  We bounce between going here and Saxon Harbor.  Both are neat and worth the trip


The weather on Lake Superior is constantly changing.  We arrived to humid 80’s and suddenly the lake mists started to take over the harbor and dropped the temps by 20 degrees.  1/2 mile from the lake it was still 80 and humid but the lake makes its own weather and you have to be ready for any changes


Steve’s dog Oljay, was not letting the mists stop her from enjoying the waves


Time to pack and come back on a sunnier day.  Don’t pass up this great side trip.  Lake Superior has so many neat places to check out.  Always on the way home a quick stop at Joe’s Pasty shop on the way home for day old pasties at 1.50 in Ironwood.  Get home throw them in the oven for 30 minutes and make some beef gravy to go along with the pasty and it is the perfect end of the day

Mystery Bird from a few days ago.  There were many guesses of Gold Finch but Troy is positive it was not a Gold Finch.  The guess of a Yellow Throated Vireo or Troy’s guess of a Pine Warbler are what we think it was