Sometimes it is good to take a walk about and see what is new at the resort.  Dave Black Senior walking with Craig to see the new roofs and other things that have been completed this year.  Dave spent til the mid 60’s with his brother Craig keeping the resort up with their parents Millie and Maynard til he moved East to Delaware.  He makes it back each summer to see what his brother is up to


Checking out Craig’s work on Bayview


Off to check out Craig’s latest “Good Deal”


Only Craig shops with an RV and fills it with toilet paper.  The storage under a RV makes great storage space when heading through Wausau


Now here is the question…..  Sam’s Club does not carry Scott Tissue anymore that Craig got at 71 cents.  Now they are making Member’s Mark at 41 cents a roll…. but is it good enough….  We decided to consult the experts


Rich our toilet paper expert was definitely feeling the softness…


Rich and Gloria decided to head off with the samples and consult with a few other people before giving this important endorsement a thumbs up.  Stay tuned for the toilet paper test