What in the world is going on here?


All I know is Steve and Troy took my camera and told me they took some pics.  I believe it involves a trip to Steve’s Swamp for a pole of some kind for Eagles Nest.  What this develops into and will the police pull over Steve’s car remains in question.  How many miles does Steve have on his old Jetta…. many many many and it keeps on going


They also lined up our army of wheel barrows.  We just added 2 more to the fleet.  Plenty to help folks get their wood from the woodshed


The Wheel Barrow on the far left is the oldest and best wheel barrow.  I have lost track of how many times it has been rebuilt.  It dates back to Maynard and maybe farther.  An Antique Store would probably offer us more money than the other ones cost all together for the old one in “The Primitive Style”  Why is it Primitive if it is the best working wheel barrow we own