After 3 days of rain it was time for some activities outside of the resort and the 4 walls of the cabin.  Antiquing in Ironwood at Dan’s and everyone found something they could not live without at a good price and then it was off to The Black River Road and Potowatomi Falls.  Sarah was happy to be outside and in the sun


Linda enjoying the view off the hill


One thing the rain did was make the falls fuller.  It was a good time to check out the falls with good friends


You can not be on The Black River Road and not make a quick stop at Black River Harbor to put your feet in Lake Superior.  Awesome day and everyone learned what a Pasty was on the way home stopping in at Joe’s Pasty Shop in Ironwood for a famous pasty.  Pasty is pronounced Pass- t- e  NOT Pastie.  Pastie’s can be found in the red light district of Ironwood but not at Joe’s Pasty Shop and they look at you a little funny if you ask for a Pastie instead of a Pasty