We had quite a day at the resort.  Many storms rolling through.  One sent the entire resort into our basement.  When the call came from Craig that there was a hook echo involved in the radar, everyone headed to the basement to ride out the storm.  Craig is a former professor of metorology at Nicholet College so he makes the call when to have everyone in the basement.  If he does not make the call in time, the tornado siren in Hazelhurst gets everyone moving.  Today luckily we had no siren go off, but took precautions anyway.  One way to get to know everyone at the resort is to spend 45 minutes in the basement in close quarters with one bathroom


Al Zeitz showing up quite wet after running down from Holiday in the pouring rain


Someone else who had a run through the resort warning people to head to the basement


Kids having fun with the Star Wars toys could careless if there was a tornado as long as they got to play with ships


Getting comfy, we pulled out the folding beach chairs which still had Lake Superior sand in them


Now this cracked me up, storm raging outside but the Zeitz family was picking up our wireless internet in the basement and staying connected.  They had some game going that could not be stopped storm or no storm

We have one more set of storms on the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder we shall see if everyone ends up in the basement again tonight.  You know you are a regular at the resort when you have spent a few afternoons hanging out in the basement with the neighbors

Anyone have a favorite storm story from their visits or time spent in the basement with everyone at the resort?