Time for a dead birch to come down.  Craig had a volunteer chainsaw operator Mark.  Mark has spent alot of time with chainsaws carving ice but has never used one for taking down a tree.  From ice sculptures to birch logs.  Question is with Wildflower in the back ground can they manage to take the tree down without hitting anything?  Insurance companies close your eyes, OSCA inspectors stay away


After getting instructions from Craig, Mark makes the first cut.  Important to note, Mark’s father, Ted has moved his car out by the gate far away from the chainsaw action


Nothing like a vacation with a chainsaw


Making the first notch


Slight correction on the aim of the tree


Babe Ruth making the call on where the tree will fall.  Can Mark do it?


Heading to the other end where the come – a – long was set to help pull the tree down.  Mark ratcheted it up.  What a relaxing vacation!




22 hours in a car through 7 states and it was worth it to take down my first tree.  Way to go Mark!  watch out or work out East will have you doing tree falling along with everything else at the motel


Now on to tree number 2 a very dead oak.  Trick is to notch it and pull it up the hill with the come- a -long


Watching Craig tie the top rope on the tree


Mark going for tree number 2


Charles decided to get in on the action as well helping Mark by keeping the come-a-long tight.



Charles and Mark happily looking at 2 trees on the ground and not on either of their cabins.  Way to Go!  Some people choose nice relaxing vacations at the beach, but I think the smiles on Mark and Charles’s face speaks for itself, they had fun taking down trees.  Little do they know that is the easy part now it is time to clean up the mess