Warm afternoons and cool nights it has been perfect summer weather with a little rain thrown in here and there.  Even with the rain we have had over a 10 year period we are still down and it will take a few years of above average rain to make up for the lack the last 10 years


Kids have been enjoying the lake


This picture of a ruby throated humming bird at our feeder is for Char the humming bird lady.  Char makes sure each year the humming bird feeders make it up and are taken down


Our poison ivy eradication program has been working and poison ivy has been turning up brown all over the resort


Steve armed for a very special job….


Checking the depth of room left in our drain fields, those on city water and sewer enjoy the fact that you do not have to do this or have any idea what I am talking about.  Life is good when everything is running smoothly