First of all for all Poe’s friends out there.  He gave us another scare this week.  He lost use of his front legs due to rupturing a disc in his back.  Emergency trip to the vet, 2 steroid shots and an enema later and he is feeling better and able to walk again.  Troy and I are happy as we were carrying him in his dog bed like a sling for 2 days to get him in and outside.  He should make a full recovery after a round of predizone.  We are just happy to see him back on his feet, barking at new people and wagging  his tail


Mid August and the chipmunk lines come out.  Every year the Reedy family erects chipmunk lines like the ones at the Little Swiss Village which is now closed.  The chipmunks love this week and put on quite a show


Greg and Conner Williams in charge of the bratwurst for the big first meal of the week

That is what you call a full grill.  This is the 2nd batch of bratwurst to be cooked


Kids having fun on their first day of vacation


Pearl Everlasting has started blooming along the road side.  I missed a picture again of the elusive Northern Flickers that have been flying around the resort.  I am determined to catch a pic  of them in the next week.  Troy says it might have been a King Fisher I saw with a white ring around its neck