I have never been so happy to see a broken chair before.  I had been told someone broke our green bouncy beach chair at 9 pm.  If you have been to the resort, there is only one green bouncy chair and it is an absolute favorite of at least one person a week all summer long.  I see it strategically moved to spots that the person that week likes to sit in hopes that nobody else will sit in the chair.  The broken chair though a very comfortable one with a small bit of bounce in it, is not THE CHAIR, thankfully.  I am hoping a welder can give us a hand and reinforce the legs and put it back together.  This one will probably loose a what bounce it has, but anybody that really likes to bounce while sitting at the beach knows where to go


Happy to report, the bouncy chair is fine and ready for next week.  I believe Dick Sweet or Mel Goldberg claim it for that week.  I have searched through endless antique stores looking for other chairs like this one.  If anyone out there runs into one, and does not buy it for themselves please give a call