After fishing in Lower Kaubashine since David was a kid he has never caught a Muskie until tonight.  David and his friend landed this 38 inch Tiger Muskie at 7pm.  What to do with a 38 inch Tiger Muskie after all the taxidermists in the area are shut down….. that was a dilema.  Until I called Save More Foods who very kindly allowed David to store the fish in their meat locker over night.  Black’s Cliff now endorses Save More Foods as the friendliest grocery store in the area willing to help a fisherman in need of a freezer at a moments notice.  Thanks SAVE MORE!!


While David was landing his big fish the rest of his group were getting ready for the big annual steak fry.  The Goldberg, Sweet, Ellis and Lustig family dinner went off as planned with the celebration of the big fish and lots of steak.  I think the annual poker game was not far behind as soon as David and his dad Dick returned from Save More