I regretfully type this entry to let everyone know we put old Poe to sleep yesterday.  Into every dog owners life a few special stand out dogs come.  He was one of them.  Looking in his eyes you can see what made him special unconditional love..  He is in a better place and out of the pain he lived with the last few months.  He will be missed by many

The hole that was left in our family and the resort was huge and needed for our sanity to be filled soooo…..


Welcome the latest in a long line of great resort dogs, Mac.  You have some big paws to fill from Tulip, Gonzo, Penny, Nanook, Maggie and Poe.  So far he is getting used to his new home and lifting up our heavy hearts.  Thanks Mac may you be as special as the dogs before you to us and those that visit the resort