Time to check out the lake.  Mac may not know how to retrieve being a golden retreiver but he definitely knows what water is all about


Big scary dock.  I did not write yesterday where Mac came from.  He is 10 months old and came from a breeder Queen Annes Gold in Baraboo.  He was passed over by others because he is a bit skittish and did not wiggle his way forward enough to be picked.  He came basically trained and ready to go.  Anne had a group of new puppies ready to get September 24th but our house was too empty to wait that long.  Over 3 hours in the car down and back to pick him up but I think he was worth it to Baraboo.


Checking out big scary boats that move


View through the clouds this morning.  The lake was sparkling


Checking things out.  He is a definite challenge to take pictures of, he moves a lot faster than old Poe and does not know how to stay yet



Not quite up to a boat ride yet


Ok the lake is cool but I am ready to find my spot next to the couch.  Swimming another day