With temps in the 60’s during the day and 40’s at night it definitely is feeling like fall.  Spots of color can be spotted here and there if you look closely


With a bit of rain coming down on Tuesday it was time to get the boats cleaned out.  Sunshine seems to be breaking up the clouds



Woodpecker making noise in the trees


Mac and I are working on Sit and Stay.  He needs more work on it before he becomes a easy photo subject, but he is making progress.  Only took 4 attempts at this picture to get it.  What I learned is that he listens to stay when I put my hand up and say it, but when crouching down to take a picture he thinks that is the signal to come.  As long as I stay standing he understands stay.  Dog is training the human I think


I never thought this plant would bloom, I waited all summer thinking that this perennial I bought at a garage sale last fall was a dud.  Turns out it is a late summer bloomer and very pretty.  Can’t remember the name of the plant