Cabins are all full and Craig has some time on his hands and an air compressor…  what does that mean….  his eyes turned to the boat shed and wood shed..  4 layers of roofing started to be peeled back.  The first layer was the original put on in 1918


Analyzing the layers.  The original layer was from the Keith’s, 2 layers in the middle put on by Dave Black and the top layer a few years ago by Craig, Troy and Steve.  Amazingly the bottom layer from 1918 was the best quality roofing of any of the layers


Hanging on the edge, did you pay up the Workman’s Comp for the month?


While Craig was busy on the roof we had our first load of wood dropped by a smaller logging outfit at the shed.  Wood cutting and splitting will be starting soon.  Notice in the background the woodshed is already shingled earlier in the week.  What would Maynard say to the expense of shingling the boat and wood sheds?


These sheds were originally built for Model T cars to fit in, it has been quite awhile since a model T has been sitting in them


Of course now that he has pulled off the entire roof, the forecast calls for heavy rain this afternoon and this evening.  Time for the tarps to come out


For those that need a little color in their day, this maple was oddly showing its full color early amidst the green of the other trees.  It made a nice contrast picture