40,000 bikes arrived the northwoods this last weekend to raise money for MDA.  It is always a fun weekend.  We had about 20 bikes in the resort.  This is our biggest group who were missing a few of their friends this year.  I told them I need a name next year for their group.  Much, good fun was had by all!


This bike stood out among all the Harley’s.  It is a Polaris.  I thought it looked a bit like George Jetson’s bike from the cartoon


This picture will give you an idea of what the area is like during this time.  We left Hazelhurst for a Cross Country meet in Wausau on Saturday morning right in the middle of the rally.  I did not notice that we were low on gas til we were out of Hazelhurst.  10 miles out my gas light came on, I tried to stop at the gas station by county L but there were about 50 Harley’s waiting there.  Next stop was Tomahawk where the rally is based out of.  We could go no farther.  Pulled into town and this was the scene a the gas station.  It was 3 deep in motorcycles at each pump and no room to maneuver a mini van around.  After waiting for 15 minutes we did manage to fill up and with 2 minutes to spare made it to the race.  I will never again leave home on this weekend low on gas


Hwy 51 full of bikes all weekend.  The Northwoods Rumbled


The Pub and Grub in Hazelhurst surrounded by bikes


See you next year!